A HAPs-free, IPC-CC-830B and UL746E certified coating for outdoor use. Offers enhanced chemical resistance
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Premium Polyurethane Conformal Coating 4223F MG Chemicals

4223F is a 1-part, heat curing, UL 746E and IPC-CC-830B certified, thermoset urethane (UR) conformal coating. It cures to a durable, flexible, scratch resistant, and smooth finish. It is easy to apply and can be handled in 15 minutes. It cures in only 2 hours at 100 °C (212 °F). It may be removed with appropriate strippers, or soldered through for repair or rework.

This PCB resin coating is considered to be one of the best conformal coatings for protecting circuit boards in chemically challenging environments. It provides strong protection against aggressive chemicals, corrosion, moisture, fungus, dirt, dust, thermal shock, abrasion, short circuit, high-voltage arcing, and static discharge.

Features & Benefits

    - Certified UL 746E (File# E203094) for outdoor use
    - Qualified to IPC-CC-830B
    - Excellent corrosion resistance
    - Xylene and isocyanate free
    - Fluoresces under UV-A light
    - Suitable for use with robotic coating equipment


Technical Datasheet Liquid (TDS, PDF, ENG)

Technical Data Sheet Aerosol (TDS, PDF, ENG)


Safety Data Sheets Liquid (MSDS, PDF, ENG)

Safety Data Sheets  Aerosol (MSDS, PDF, ENG)